Diaper wreath

When I was pregnant, I received a really pretty diaper wreath, covered in cute baby items – onesies, socks, bows, bath toys… I had made a diaper cake before, but had never seen or heard of a diaper wreath! I loved this idea and knew that I wanted to make one someday. Today I finally got to do so! One of my friends is having a little boy in November, and I decided to make a wreath for her. I picked up a wire frame from Michaels, a small package of diapers, and an assortment of baby goodies. Then I waited until little one’s nap time to get to work!

I started by rolling up the diapers, one by one, and tying them with ribbon. (Rubber bands would have made it go quicker, but I only had pink ones on hand.) Then I tied each diaper onto the front side of my wreath. I used a square one for this project, and I like how different it is!

I used extra ribbons on the back of the frame to reinforce the diapers and keep them from moving around. Then I took some fabric scraps I had on hand and tied them on the back to hide all the mismatched ribbons.

IMG_20170920_140231 - Copy

Once the back was covered, I flipped my wreath and began adding baby items on top of the diapers. I rolled up onesies, socks, wash cloths, and bibs. I also tied on a rubber ducky, spoons, pacifiers, some baby powder, and a fun teething ring.

This was a lot of fun to make, and I can’t wait to give it to my friend!

IMG_20170920_161221 - Copy

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