Mini Photo Album Tin

I made this for my grandma for Christmas, but I wanted to wait on posting about it, so she wouldn’t see it ahead of time. 😉 These tins take a little time, but they are easy and turn out so cute!

Supplies needed:
Empty altoid tin (regular sized, not the mini)
Scrapbook paper
Scissors or a rotary cutter and mat
Modge podge and a brush to apply it with
Turbo tacky glue
Ribbon and any other embellishments

I began by cutting my scrapbook paper to fit the lid and bottom of the tin. I used two different papers and cut them into 2 ¼” strips.

IMG_20171108_190653 - Copy

Then I cut them to fit the length of the tin (3 5/8”) and rounded the edges with scissors. I used the tin’s edges as a guide to match them as closely as possible. Next, I cut a ribbon to be 12 inches in length, found the middle of it, and glued it on the inside bottom of the tin. I then brushed modge podge in the bottom of the tin, placed one of my pieces of paper on top of it, and painted a layer of modge podge over it as well. My ribbon was then secure and peeked out of both sides of the paper. This would get tied together at the end. I then adhered the paper to the top inside of the tin, using the modge podge and covered the outside of the tin (top and bottom) as well.

Then it was time for a chocolate break. 😊

Next, I got out some plain brown cardstock (cut to 3 3/8” x 10”) and accordion folded it, so that each section was 3 3/8” x 2”. It needed to be able to fit inside the tin. Then I cut paper to be 3 ¼” x 1 ¾”, rounded the edges, and glued it to each section on the accordion.

IMG_20171108_201256 - Copy

Now for the fun part! I glued various sizes of pictures to the accordion while it was unfolded, on both sides. (I did horizontal pictures on one side and vertical on the other!) When I was done, I folded it up, put it inside the tin, and tied the ribbon around the accordion like a package. Once closed, I embellished the top of the tin, adding ribbon, a button, and washi tape around the edges.

A photo album tin makes a special, personal gift, that most anyone will enjoy! I’m thinking of decorating some more tins and leaving the photos off for friends and family to add their own!


Canvas Memory Board

I actually created this quite a while ago, but I was waiting until after this past weekend to post since it was a gift! One of my friends has a daughter with the same name as mine and they are 3 weeks apart in age! We love getting them together for play dates, and more recently we have been doing party planning and crafts together. Her daughter’s birthday party was last weekend, and I wanted to make a memory board for her bedroom. I knew what the theme was ahead of time and was able to sneak back to Hobby Lobby to purchase one of her theme fabrics.

This memory board was very easy to create and did not require very many materials. You just need a canvas, fabric, some batting, ribbon, (buttons – optional), hot glue, and a saw tooth hanger for the back.

IMG_20170920_192154 - Copy

I measured out my fabric to be just a couple of inches longer on each side of the canvas. I also cut out batting to be roughly the same size as the canvas (so the fabric was the biggest). I ironed out the fabric and then placed the wrong side up (printed side down, touching the countertop). The batting got laid down next, with the canvas (wrong side up) centered on top of the batting.

Next, I started to wrap the fabric around the canvas, hot gluing a little at a time, while I worked my way around each side. You want to keep it tight as you go, and pretend like you are wrapping a present. I tucked the small excess of fabric under the frame, so that it looks clean on the back.

After the fabric was glued in place, I used a ruler to figure out placement of my ribbons. I used a little hot glue on the end of each ribbon to secure them. Then I used a dab of hot glue anywhere there was a ribbon overlap. (You don’t want to hot glue the entire ribbon down on the board or you won’t be able to slide photos underneath.) Anywhere there was overlap, I also placed a button.

Once I was happy with my board, I nailed a sawtooth hanger onto the back, and then it was time to decorate! I placed a couple of photos and a mini banner on it and left the rest blank for party pictures to be added on later. I loved how easy this project was, and I even had a spare canvas to make one for my daughter!

IMG_20171021_112636 - Copy final blurred


Diaper wreath

When I was pregnant, I received a really pretty diaper wreath, covered in cute baby items – onesies, socks, bows, bath toys… I had made a diaper cake before, but had never seen or heard of a diaper wreath! I loved this idea and knew that I wanted to make one someday. Today I finally got to do so! One of my friends is having a little boy in November, and I decided to make a wreath for her. I picked up a wire frame from Michaels, a small package of diapers, and an assortment of baby goodies. Then I waited until little one’s nap time to get to work!

I started by rolling up the diapers, one by one, and tying them with ribbon. (Rubber bands would have made it go quicker, but I only had pink ones on hand.) Then I tied each diaper onto the front side of my wreath. I used a square one for this project, and I like how different it is!

I used extra ribbons on the back of the frame to reinforce the diapers and keep them from moving around. Then I took some fabric scraps I had on hand and tied them on the back to hide all the mismatched ribbons.

IMG_20170920_140231 - Copy

Once the back was covered, I flipped my wreath and began adding baby items on top of the diapers. I rolled up onesies, socks, wash cloths, and bibs. I also tied on a rubber ducky, spoons, pacifiers, some baby powder, and a fun teething ring.

This was a lot of fun to make, and I can’t wait to give it to my friend!

IMG_20170920_161221 - Copy

Celebrate! · Crafting

DIY Picture Frame

Lately I’ve been doing more projects, and the theme seems to be wood! Wood reminds me of Autumn, and I can’t wait for the cooler weather and pumpkin everything. I’m especially looking forward to sweater weather and boots! My little girl will turn one this Fall (where did the time go??), and I must do my crafting while she sleeps, as she is into everything now! I’m currently working on various birthday party décor.

I wanted to buy a frame to hang pictures from, but they can be very expensive, and I couldn’t find one big enough for what I had in mind. I have been taking photos of little one every month and want to hang one from each month of her first year. Twelve photos are going to take up a lot of room! I told my friend Taylor about my vision, and she encouraged me to make it myself. (Taylor and I are always doing house projects together and sometimes have quite lofty goals. But we always manage to accomplish our tasks, even if they take more work than we imagined!) I thought, “Why not?” so she went to Home Depot with me to gather supplies.

I bought four pieces of hobby wood and asked one of the employees to saw them down to be 28 inches long. They each measured 2.5 x 28 x .5 (width, length, depth). I also bought some brackets with screws. (At home, I already had my other supplies, including wood glue, a drill and bits, and a screwdriver.)

IMG_20170818_160726 - Copy

I began by sanding my wood and then laying it down into a rectangle configuration. I laid the brackets down and then used a sharpie to mark where the screws would go. Then I got out my drill and (using the smallest drill bit) made small holes on each mark. You have to be careful not to go all the way through the wood, but the drill helps make the screws go in easier later. (As a side note, I got to use a heavy duty electric screwdriver recently – if you own one of these then you don’t need to use a drill – but I was putting in my screws by hand and didn’t want to strip them, hence the drill!)

Once all the holes were made, I began loosely screwing the brackets on. I left a little space to squeeze in some wood glue, and then tightened all the screws. The brackets aren’t the prettiest, and I doubled up on them, but they’re on the back and doing their job!

Next, I decided to attach my wire that the pictures will hang from. I measured and made marks on both sides (on the inside of the frame) and then hammered three nails on each side. I cut wire (32 inches long) and twisted it up (2 inches on each nail).

Then came the fun part – painting and decorating! I used several coats of white paint and then affixed fabric flowers and glitter stars. I used removable mounting squares that I had left over from teaching. I plan to reuse the frame to hang Christmas cards and want to be able to change out my decorations! I cut out paper stars using my Cricut and glued them on to clothespins and then added glitter numbers. I still need to attach my picture hanging hardware to the back of the frame and then hang up photos, but I’m really pleased with how this project is turning out! It was a lot easier than I imagined it would be and cheaper than buying a frame. Another diy win!



Arizona Box of Sunshine

I recently sent a friend a “box of sunshine”. She frequently spends winters in Arizona and enjoys the heat and sunshine. (However, I’m envious of her weather right now, as we are experiencing 118-degree weather! That’s hot!)

Into the box went several yellow things: some snacks (Goldfish and Nilla wafers), yellow wrapped candy (peanut m&ms and caramel Milky Ways), some Burt’s Bees lip balm, and some yellow buttons. I also included something to remind her of Arizona: a cactus! Since a real cactus would probably not travel too well in the mail, I created one out of felt, and it was fairly quick and easy! I did not take pictures while I was sewing her cactus, so I decided to make another one for myself.

IMG_5661 - Copy

To create a felt cactus, you need a piece of paper, green felt, a pen, scissors, a needle, thread, and batting. A machine makes it go even faster, but it’s not necessary. I began by making a leaf shape on my paper. Once I was content with it, I cut it out and traced it six times on my felt and then cut all the leaf shapes out.

IMG_20170616_204441 - Copy

Next, I paired them up, so that there were three sets of two. Using my machine, I did a quick zig-zag around the sides and tops of each pair, leaving the bottom open (to stuff later). Once all three pairs were sewn, I stacked them all together and did a rough stitch up the middle of the felt stack by hand. It was too thick to sew on the machine, even with the walking foot. (To keep the felt pieces from moving, I used binder clips on the sides!)

With the sewing (almost) complete, next came the stuffing! There were 6 holes to fill, with very small openings. I used the end of a pencil to help feed the batting into each section. Once they were stuffed, I fluffed the felt a bit and then sewed up the bottom of my cactus by hand.

I decided I wanted a flower, so I used my yo-yo maker with a pink fabric scrap and sewed on a little button for the middle. Then I put it in a pot and it was complete! To make spikes, you can put straight pins in the cactus, and it can function as a pin cushion!


Fabric Flowers

I recently put a new collage of pictures up on the wall, and I decided to spiff the frames up a bit. For my gray one, I used some washi tape. For my teal one; however, I wanted to add some texture, so I decided on a fabric flower.

I love these flowers, and they are so easy to make! You just need some fabric strips, scissors, a glue gun, and a scrap of felt, and you’re all set! Start by cutting a circle out of the felt; this will determine how big your flower will be. You can make it however small or large you desire. I used a juice cup to trace a circle since I can’t freehand a perfect circle.

Next, cut or tear your fabric into some strips. I’ve done both methods, but I prefer to cut mine with my rotary cutter. I measured mine out to be 1.25” wide (this will shrink down to half that width in a minute). The length does not matter for this project.

IMG_20170521_163619~2 - Copy

Plug the glue gun in, and while it warms, fold and unfold your fabric in half to make a slight crease (top to bottom). Once the glue gun is ready to go, glue along the wrong side of the fabric along the top (a little bit at a time) and fold along your crease.

IMG_20170521_164116 - Copy

Once it’s glued together, take your scissors and make little cuts up to where the fabric is glued. Don’t cut all the way up!

IMG_20170521_164735~2 - Copy

Once the whole strip has cuts, begin gluing it around the felt circle, starting with the outside and working your way inward. You can make it as tight or as loose as you want – for my bigger flower I stayed closer together and had more layers. The little flower is quite a bit looser. If you use up your first strip and have more felt to cover, you just continue gluing with a new strip.

For the middle, you need a tiny strip of fabric that has been glued and cut (See previous steps). Roll it together and put a huge glob of hot glue in the middle of the circle to stick it to and hold it in place. Once you’re happy with the flower, you can fluff it a bit and then it’s ready to go. They can be put on packages, baby headbands, used to decorate picture frames… the sky is the limit!


Rag Garlands and Glitter Jars

My daughter is almost 6 months old, so we’ve been experimenting with different types of baby food. One of the best parts about this is the cute little glass jars that they come in! When she is eating more, I would like to make my own food, but until then, the tiny portions are great, and I’m saving all the jars that we use. The jars are the perfect size for treats or storing craft embellishments, like buttons. While my intentions for these particular jars aren’t solidified yet, I decided to go ahead and glitterfy (Yes, I’m making this a word!) them.

IMG_20170504_143144 - Copy

I began by soaking the jars in warm soapy water to clean them and remove the labels. Then I used Goo Gone to remove the sticky adhesive that was left behind and followed this step with another washing.

Next, I poured glitter into a small Tupperware container for dipping, and then I got out the modge podge and a foam brush. Working with one jar at a time, I painted on a thin layer of modge podge and then dipped it into the glitter. Once it was fully covered, I shook off the excess and let it sit on a piece of wax paper to dry.

After a couple of days, I moved the jars outside and sprayed them with a clear coat of Krylon acrylic coating to seal them. I went outside and sprayed them a few times to lock in the glitter and keep them from making a mess in the house. Now they are ready to be filled! Later on, I think I may cut out some fabric to affix to the lid, so that I can seal the jars.

The other project I have been working on are rag garlands. I wanted one to decorate my daughter’s high chair, and I have been holding on to some pretty fabrics for a while now. Last night I took out the cutting board and rotary cutter and sliced some of the fabric into 1.25” wide strips. I then cut them to be 5” in length each. To add some texture, I pulled out some pink ribbons that I had on hand and cut them into 5” length pieces as well. I didn’t worry about the widths of these – some were skinnier and some were a little thicker, but they complemented the fabrics well.

After cutting some pieces, I took out jute rope and began tying the fabric and ribbons on, one at a time. I alternated the colors and textures and measured the garland periodically with the high chair to see how much longer I needed to make it.

Once I was pleased with the length, I tied a knot on both ends and cut the rope! I loved how my garland turned out and plan to make one for the mantle next!

IMG_20170506_214301 - Copy


May Day Cones

Tomorrow is May Day, a celebration of Spring! In some cultures, people celebrate with dancing, cake, and May Day baskets. In honor of this holiday, I decided to make some May Day cones and surprise some people.

I started by using scrapbook paper and rolling it into a cone shape. Scotch tape was used to hold it in place.

Then I trimmed the top with scalloped scissors to even up the base of the cone. I used a doily on top of the scrapbook paper to add some more texture and then punched holes to create a handle. The handle was created with waxy thread, but any ribbon would do. A tag was tied on as well. Then it was time to stuff the cones with flowers!

I trimmed the stems down and then wrapped them in a damp paper towel. Then I covered the damp stems with a ziploc baggie, rolled it up and used a binder clip to keep the bag in place. This was then placed in some tissue paper and put in the cone! The damp paper towel will keep the flowers fresh until they can make it into a vase, and the baggie keeps the scrapbook paper from getting wet.

The little one and I are going to deliver a couple of these to some neighbors on our morning walk tomorrow morning and then drive a few to some friend’s houses! They will be hung from front door handles as a little surprise.

Wishing everyone a Happy May Day!

IMG_20170428_095003 - Copy


Easter decor

I love holidays and the chance to spend time with family. Plus, it’s a great excuse to decorate! This year, we are hosting an Easter luncheon for 26, and we can’t wait to catch up with everyone. To prepare for this celebration, I had fun doing a little bit of decorating and getting creative. From glitter eggs to a spring banner, our home is ready for a party!

  1. Fabric decoupaged eggs

IMG_20170220_135140 - Copy

I hit the jackpot in the Target dollar section when I came across these wooden eggs. I wasn’t sure how I wanted to decorate them at first, but I knew they were coming home with me. At home, I raided my fabric bin and found some marbled fat quarters that had been waiting to be used. I cut some of the fabric up into strips and decoupaged them on, using modge podge. I layered them and made sure to use some modge podge over the top of the fabric to give it some shine. I love the finished product; they remind me of Monet’s water lilies.

  1. Glitter eggs

IMG_20170210_171246 - Copy

It’s not a party without glitter! My cousin and I had a blast with these. We took white plastic eggs and painted them with chalkboard paint. Then we poured gold glitter into paper treat cups to use for dipping. Modge podge was painted onto half of each egg, and then they were dipped in the glitter. They sat outside to dry overnight. Last, we sprayed a clear coat of finish over them to keep the glitter from coming off.

  1. Bunnies

IMG_20170412_165612~2 - Copy

These bunnies have a purpose – to hold your silverware! I found a similar idea on Pinterest and ran with it. All you need is some cardstock and “decorations” – buttons, yarn, fabric, washi tape – you name it. The sky’s the limit!

For my bunnies, I found a clipart photo I liked and enlarged it to get it to the size I wanted. I cut it out, and this was my template I used for each bunny. I traced them onto cardstock and then cut them all out. To create the slits for the silverware to slide into, I used my rotary cutter and board, for a quick, even slice. They do make other tools for cutting paper as well (and can be found at Michaels or Hobby Lobby!). Washi tape and ribbon were used around the bunny’s middle. Then all that is left is the tail! I created fabric yo yos and yarn pom-poms, and these were affixed with turbo tacky glue. I promise to write a post later on about how to make these fun additions. They are quite simple to make, especially if you have the right tools! Jo-Ann Fabrics sells both: yo yo maker and pom-pom maker – these are so much fun to use!

  1. Spring banner

IMG_20170415_223019 - Copy

This banner came together very quickly and used supplies I already had on hand. I used fabric scraps, wonder under, and embellishments.

To make the banner, you need fabric for the background, the shapes, and the backing of each pendant. I found spring pictures I liked online, printed them, and cut them out to be templates. Then I traced them backwards (this is important) onto the rough side of the wonder under with a pencil. The rough side gets placed onto the wrong side of your fabric (so that the smooth side is facing up) and then ironed on. Once it’s ironed, you can cut along your pencil lines so that your shape is cut out. To get the wonder under backing off, you can use a straight pin to “cut” a line, and the rest will peel up. It will leave its adhesive behind and this will later get ironed on to your background fabric of each pendant. For the pendant itself, you can make it any shape you want! Just make sure to cut two of the same size – one for the front and one for its backing. (This will keep you from having rough edges and prevent fraying.) Place wrong sides of the fabric together and sew most of the way around using ¼ inch stitch. Leave some space at the end to turn your fabric back so it’s not inside out. Then sew the opening closed. I went back around the whole thing with a topstitch as well, but it’s not necessary. Once the pendant is created, you can iron on the shape you created earlier! To keep it from coming up in the future, it’s best to stitch around it – I used a fast zig-zag. After this comes the fun part – decorating! I used rick-rack, buttons, pom-poms, and yo yos on mine. These were sewn on by hand. At the end, I took ribbon and stitched it along the top of each pendant to create my banner. And voila!


Hoping everyone has a “hoppy” Easter!